What's next? ⏭ – Don't Tell My Wife I'm a Cult Leader

What's next? ⏭

A long commercial break? Good thing we taped it, let's hit the fast-forward button.


Okay, and… pause! Alright, push play, .

Ahem.…thanks for reading the first five chapters of Don't Tell My Wife I'm a Cult Leader. That's about 160 pages. For comparison, that's about 159 more pages than what I read in my English Lit classes throughout high school. Don't worry, one of these days I'll get around to finishing the Scarlet Letter, the Crucible and all the other coma-inducing


Based on my early readers' responses, many of you like the slow burn of a compelling saga full of interesting storylines and characters set throughout many places and times in Texas and beyond. Others may think, "that's nice but… where's the cult?" For that latter group, my only advice is to slow down and enjoy the ride. So far you've met Floyd, Mandy, Smed and Libi. A clue in Chapter 3 tells you that there's at least two members of "the crew" that you'll get to know in the following chapters.


The Crew of Don't Tell My Wife I'm a Cult Leader


Both of them will have backstories as captivating and devastating as Libi, and we'll see how their paths cross one day soon at the feet of Floyd. One they come together, you'll see a tightknit group of characters the likes of which you haven't seen since The Three Stooges, Golden Girls or The Wire. Yes, those three shows (works of art) are three of my many influences as I was writing Cult Leader.


Until the next chapter,