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My Review of the South African movie Skin (2008)

The other day I watched a South African movie called Skin (2008). It's based on a true story about a white family giving birth Sandra, a child that has darker complexion and curlier hair than her Afrikaner parents. She already has an older brother who lighter skin and less curly hair. At first, everyone minds their own business, but when the girl goes to boarding school she is beaten by the schoolmasters and kicked out because she makes the other students feel uncomfortable. Then the authorities want to reclassify Sandra as "coloured," a non-offensive term used to categorize South African people of mixed descent (European, African, Indian, Indonesian, etc), but that would mean her parents would have to get reclassified...

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Intrusive Thoughts... a Review of a Preview (Prereview?)

Intrusive Thoughtsby Anthony D. Stokes A Modern Indie Psychological Horror Comic I recently backed a crowdfunding campaign for a 28-page comic called Intrusive Thoughts. I was sold on the 12-Page preview the creator teased to his audience via Twitter. If I had to put it into a genre, I'd say it's psychological horror, and what makes it different is that it features a young man, presumably in high school, who is beleaguered by--you guessed it--intrusive thoughts. We see vignettes of his life in foster homes, and then we see the protagonist at a psychologist's office laid out on the couch with sketchpad clutched to his chest. it becomes clear that the hero is all alone in his little world and no...

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Playing Around with ChatGTP

So I played around with ChatGPT last weekend, with the intention of workshopping the back cover description of Don't Tell My Wife I'm a Cult Leader and the results were mindboggling.

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