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On DIY / Punk

I grew up thinking that punk and punk rock was merely an aesthetic choice. I believed that the dyed hair, dark clothing and the other non-conformist trappings were just superficial costume choices. When I began listening to punk music in college, my thinking evolved and I regarded punk as musical lifestyle choice that deemphasized musical skills in exchange for boosting the antiestablishment sentiment associated with punk culture.Mind you, the only thing I knew about punk I learned from mainstream channels: MTV, record stores, and whatever else the media allowed me to know about punk. It turns out that the appearances punks presented to the world had less to do with "looking cool" and more to do with showing how serious...

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About me

My name is Todd Steinberg and I am the creator of Don't Tell My Wife I'm a Cult Leader. I have two goals: 1) to finish my story from start to finish and 2) to cultivate a fanbase that will support the effort. Your first download is free. All I ask in exchange is your email so I can stay in touch with you. If you like what you read, then I hope you'll keep reading each chapter and giving me feedback along the way. I aim to put a new chapter out every six weeks to eight weeks. I work with an artist who takes my layouts, sketches and mockups and turns them into a fun, colorful reality. We have...

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