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Behind the Scenes: Comic Page Layout

Since my last post, I've leveled up my lettering game and thought you'd like to see what it's like to lay out an entire comic book page, step by step. This tutorial isn't a technical how to, but rather a peek at how things get done from blank page, to full color to finished comic book page. I'm almost done with the remodel to Chapter 1. Once that's done, I'll do likewise for Chapters 2 through 3 and hopefully release Chapters 4 and 5 at the same time. WHEW!  Hope to hear from you soon, ❤️ Todd

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This Comic is Getting Remodeled

Last month, an editor recently gave a quick review of Chapter 1 and said that everything was great except for the lettering. Lettering refers to the words you see on the page, plus the speech balloons, captions, sound effects, etc. That news burst my bubble, but I sucked back the tears and leveled up my lettering game and made a short, entertaining, but informative video about the changes I made. Once I'm done, I'll upload the new version and anyone who has an e-copy of Chapter 1 will get updated to the new version. 😊 Let me know what you think. I'm totally in love with the changes myself, but you can just email back your thoughts or leave a message on the video page and try to...

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